BPP degree powers

Ian Grigg-Spall has given permission for us to reprint his recent letter to The Times Higher Education Supplement

Ann Mroz Deputy Editor Times Higher Education 26 Red Lion Square London WC1R 4HQ

I am sure that universities have nothing whatsoever to fear from “healthy competition”, if that is what BPP College will offer.

But we are entitled to ask if such competition will be healthy for education when
BPP has announced that one of its first degrees will be an LLB, which it will offer to all students who complete the one-year graduate diploma in law.

There are a number of ­higher education institutions that award LLBs for two-year “advanced standing” degree programmes that incorporate the Graduate Diploma in Law. But I am aware of none that would do so on the basis of a one-year programme of study on its own.

BPP’s decision may well be “healthy” for its profits and the value of its shares. But it stretches the Framework for Higher Education Qualifications to breaking point and could undermine the credibility of LLBs generally,especially in overseas markets, where the standards of UK higher education are subject to intense scrutiny.

BPP is therefore being at best misguided and at worst downright irresponsible. It will only give strength to those who seriously question the wisdom of giving commercial organisations powers to award their own degrees.
Ian Grigg-Spall
Kent Law School
Kent University


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  1. […] Ian Grigg-Spall, Kent Law School on BPP degree powers… Posted on Monday, October 15, 2007 by charonqc Ian Grigg-Spall, Academic Chair, Kent Law School  gave Consilio permission to reprint his letter to The Times Higher Education supplement about BPP’s degree awarding powers – robust stuff.  Worth a read. […]

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